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Easy talent is a tool or application which helps to recruit

All type of domain IT, Engineer, Driver, Sales, F&B Etc…

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Filter and find immediately the right candidate

CV analyze very quickly. Set up interview face to face as based on the result you have immediate a clear view of the candidate.

This application was created by Esoftsat, Dubai, DMCC 2019
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EasyTalent helps you and your HR team to recruit the correct one for your organization. 

EasyTalent helps to predict job success. Success in job performance will come from the right candidate. To share the requirements and decide which personality attributes are important for their success. We introduce easy job analysis and candidate matching.  

Our Mission

Helps you to find the best candidate for your organisation. Providing different types of online test.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a perfect online application for candidate selection.

Many important brands are using “Easy Talent”


Introdusing new way of Easy Selection Process

Welcome to a new way of the selection process which helps you to find the right candidate at right time. 

HR recruitment, also known as talent acquisition or talent sourcing, refers to the process of attracting, sourcing, and selecting qualified individuals to fill job vacancies within an organization. It is a critical function within the Human Resources department that aims to identify and hire the best candidates who meet the requirements and fit the culture of the organization.

Serves as a standardized way for employers to gather consistent and essential information from applicants. The application form typically includes various sections and fields that candidates need to fill out with their personal details, education background, employment history, skills, and other relevant information.

In the context of recruitment, quality analysis refers to the process of evaluating and assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of recruitment activities and strategies to ensure the selection of high-quality candidates. It involves analyzing various aspects of the recruitment process to identify areas for improvement, optimize recruitment efforts, and enhance the overall quality of talent acquisition.


Don't judge an application
With CV only

Check the applicant the way you want. Customized test procedures for your recruitment.

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Superior Talent Selection

Welcome to easytalent, where we run online selection process customized to your company.

Recruitment, Made Simple

Easy Talent Question Making

Well secure and perfect application developed with the latest technology.  

Easy & well-prepared Application Forms!

Well prepared UI for the Easy & Quick application form filling.

How to select the Perfect Candidate

Prepare the perfect questions and send the easy talent link to your candidates.

Perfect selection strategy making after your company discussion

We are here to present your different questions in front of your valuable candidate and allow them to fill the...


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